Leisure Harbor Inn Bed and Breakfast and Marina
701 Main Ave   Call (309) 654-2233 for availability and reservations.

Four guest bedrooms, each with its own bath, are available in this pre-Victorian house completed in the early 1850's.

Express Lane-Shell
199 RT 84      (309) 654-2900   Hrs:  Sunday - Thursday  5:00 AM-10:00 PM, Friday and Saturday - 5:00 AM - 11:00 PM

Gasoline and convenience store

His and Her Hair Company
104 4TH Street South      Call (309) 207-0885 for an appointment

Hair services for men and women.

Freedom Fitness
199 RT. 84 N  Unit 3         (309) 654-9420    Open 5:00 AM - 9:00 PM

A great gym that offers members many options.  Come and enjoy a work out.

Hill and Dell
306 RT 84 N and 11th St.      (309) 654-2454

Gas and convenience store.

Riley's Roadhouse
21000 157th Ave N         (309) 654-9463    Bar hours: 10:00 AM - 2:00 AM Kitchen hours:11:00 Am- 11:00 PM

We are a hometown Bar and Grill with great character and staff to make your visit relaxing and fun.

River Way Cafe
199 RT 84 Unit 2     (309) 654-9970

Cafe offering everyday comfort food, salad and soups, and various specials thru out the week. Come see us!

Where can I go shopping in the Quad-Cities?
Note: The Quad-Cities shopping area is approximately 20-30 minutes away.

The Quad-City shopping scene features regional malls, numerous strip malls, clusters of
mega-stores and area of specialty shops.

The Quad-Cities also is a good place to shop for antiques and collectibles.

The regional malls are NorthPark in Davenport (Iowa) and SouthPark in Moline (Illinois),
both owned by Simon Properties.  The mega-stores are predominately along 53rd Street
shops can be found in the Village of East Davenport and the John Deere Commons area
of Moline.

Duck Creek Plaza is located at 852-Middle Road in Bettendorf and features Schnucks
Grocery Store, Home Depot, Walgreens, Starbuck's, Kile's Hallmark, Marshalls, Book
and Revell Jewelers.

53rd Street: The shopping corridor on 53rd Street  picks up in spots beginning east
of Brady Street (Highway 61North) and heats up as it travels east.

In the area of Eastern Avenue and Jersey Ridge Road, you'll find Wayne Montgomery
Flooring, GCO Carpet Outlet, TPC Cash & Carry and Marvin & More Windows and
Doors. Dining options include Exotic Thai, Culver's, Wise Guy's Pizza, Whitey's and Kelly's
Irish Pub and Eatery.

Farther east, stores near 53rd and Elmore Circle include David's Bridal, Rogan's Shoes
and Dick's Sporting Goods. Restaurants include Krispy Kreme, IHOP and Latte Drive.

53rd & Utica Ridge Road: Stores clustered in this vacinity on the north side of 53rd
Street include Hy-Vee, Old Navy, Borders, Michaels, T.J. Maxx, The Dress Barn and Bed
Bath & Beyond. Farther north are Harley Davidson and the Gentry Shop.

On the south side of 53rd are Walgreens, Necker's Jewelers and Men's Warehouse.
Restaurants in this vacinity include the Texas Roadhouse, Ruby Tuesdays, Chili's and Red
Robin near 53rd and Biaggi's, Granite city, Crave (a combination grill, martini bar and
fondue room), San Francisco Oven, Panchero's Mexican Grill, Maggie Moo's, Buffalo Wild
Wings and Cold Stone Creamery farther south along Utica Ridge Road.

Stores along of near Utica Ridge road south of 53rd include Gold's Gym, Calla, Mad
Potter and Wine Styles.

Showcase 53 Cinemas is near the intersection of Interstate 74 and 53rd Street.

Elmore Avenue from  Kimberly Road to 53rd Street: Stores include Kohl's, Gordman's,
Payless Shoes and Gander Mountain. Also Klavohn's Home Furnishings, PetCo, Iowa
Oriental Rug, Active Endeavors, Sam's Club, Lowe's and the Great Escape. Farther north
American (Electronics, appliances and furniture), Furniture Row (Oak Express, Sofa Mart,
Denver Mattress Co., Bedroom Expressions, Big Sur Waterbed), LaZ Boy, Best Buy, Target,
PetsMart and Factory Card Outlet. Eateries in this area include Panera Bread, Applebee's,
Village Inn, Steak 'n' Shake, Golden Corral, Wendy's, Taco Bell, Starbucks and Noodles & Co.

Elmore Avenue from 53rd north: Wal-mart  Super Center dominates this area on the far
north. Buffet dining at Dynasty Buffet.

West Kimberly Road: Davenport's second Wal-Mart Super Center has attracted some
new development in this area, including Applebee's, Payless Shoes, Culver's, Cato"s and the
areas first Sonic Drive-In Restaurant.  The Big K remains as well, and the West Kimberly
Market sells antiques, collectibles and crafts.

NorthPark Mall located at 320-W Kimberly Road opened in July 1973 and is one of
Iowa's largest malls at more than 1.1 million square feet. Anchor stores are JC Penney, Sears,
Younkers, VonMaur and Dillard's. There are also nearly 150 mall shops, including Barnes &
Noble Book- sellers, Talbots and Cold Water Creek. Shopping hours are 10AM to 9PM Monday-Saturday and Noon to 6PM Sunday. Holiday and Department store hours may vary.
(563) 391-4500.

John Deere Road: On the Rock Island end of John Deere Road,near the intersection with
38th Street, you'll find K-Mart, Dollar General, Oh Nuts and RJ Boar's restaurant.

Heading east into Moline, near 7th Street, there is Menards, Target, Kohl's and Frazoli's.

Next to and around SouthPark at 16th Street there are Best Buy, PetCo, Toys-R-Us,
Gordman's, Office Max, Factory Card Outlet and Ashley Furniture.  Restuarants include Miss
Mannie's Catfish House and Los Agraves.

Farther along, east of Interstate 74, another cluster of stores includes Lowe's, Staples,
Denver Mattress, Wal-Mart Super Center, GCO Carpet Outlet and Carpertland USA.
Dining includes Starbuck's, Old Country Buffet, Steak 'n'Shake, Carlos O'Kellys, Applebee's,
Panera, Ryan's Steakhouse and Exotic Thai.

Down 38th Street is the new Great Escapes theater.

A large Farm & Fleet sits at the Moline-East Moline border near 60th Street.

SouthPark Mall: Located at 4500-16th Street, Moline, SouthPark  opened in February
1974. Anchor stores are JC Penney, Sears, Younkers, VonMaur, Dillards and Old Navy.
Hours are 10AM-9PM Monday-Saturday and noon-6PM Sunday.  Holiday and department
store hours may vary.  (309) 797-9070.

John Deere Commons: For shoppers who are looking for a break from the big boxes and
malls, John Deere Commons offer a variety of small to mid-sized specialty stores in a redevel-
opment area near the i Wireless Center, including Watermark Corners and Isabel Bloom.

Dining options include Dead Poets Espresso, Johnny's Italian Steakhouse, TGIF Friday's,
LaFlama, Jack's Place, Bier Stube and Bass Street Chop House.

Economic Development

The Village of Cordova, Rock Island County, Illinois consist of Three Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Districts. The Enterprise Zone is also adjacent to the community.


Cordova Village - Mississippi Riverfront
The second of three Community Workshops was held on October 23rd, continuing the positive dialogue between Cordova residents and Village Staff about the desired community character of Cordova Mississippi River waterfront. Approximately 15 people were in attendance. In response to community and Staff feedback from Workshop #1, Workshop #2 focused on developing alternate plan ideas for Target Sites 1 and 3.
The second of three Community Workshops was held on October 23rd, continuing the positive dialogue between Cordova residents and Village Staff about the desired community character of Cordova Mississippi River waterfront. Approximately 15 people were in attendance. In response to community and Staff feedback from Workshop #1, Workshop #2 focused on developing alternate plan ideas for Target Sites 1 and 3.
At Workshop 1, Site 1 (Downtown Central) was preferred for consideration of active recreation and downtown development including a boat launch, fishing pier, gazebo, potential new municipal building, and parking. Site 3 (Shoreline West) was identified for potential development of passive/active recreation including enhanced natural environment with trails, fishing, eagle watching/birding, basketball courts, and a skate park and potential parking on Village-owned parcels along Third Street. Four alternate concepts for Site 1 and three alternate concepts for Site 3 were presented and discussed at Workshop 2.
The following are the concept-specific comments offered by Village Board members, Staff and community participants.
Site 1 Downtown Central
Concept 1A
Boat trailer circulation requires vehicles to back onto Main Street and onto ramp, which should be avoided; a U-drive or other turn-around would be the preferred layout.
Boat ramp layout would require frequent dredging to maintain access and could be cost-prohibitive - consider this same concept with the boat ramp removed and expanded picnic area and additional parking.
Fishing pier along Village-owned portion of existing jetty is a good idea; consider a pedestrian bridge connecting it with proposed new picnic area
Some expansion onto Bob VanHoerweghe property could be a possibility
Concept 1B
Concerns about the feasibility/Army Corps approval of filling stagnant inlet
A hydraulic study would likely be required
Bob VanHoerweghe expressed an interest in considering a partnership with the Village that could involve installing transient docking adjacent to his marina and property at the northeastern edge of the Village property
Parking along 6th Street - Consider overflow boat trailer parking here
Connect proposed new picnic area with proposed fishing pier using a pedestrian bridge over stream outlet
Concept 1C
Phasing from 1B to 1C might be desirable
Consider filling in area shown as marina to create one larger park area
Parking shown might be excessive  consider eliminating Main Street angled spaces and 5th Street headin spaces
Derbyshire involvement and buy-in needs to be explored further
Concerns about function of proposed marina - maintenance dredging could be cost-prohibitive and upstream impacts of filling should be considered due to having stream flow into marina
Concept 1D
Boat ramp access and trailer parking minimizes backing and is the preferred layout
Proposed Main Street realignment could be a good idea, however topographic conditions might necessitate a large amount of fill
Derbyshire involvement and buy-in needs to be explored further
Marketability and branding opportunities would increase with Concepts 1C and 1D
Concerns about function of proposed marina - maintenance dredging could be cost-prohibitive and upstream impacts of filling should be considered
Site 3  Shoreline West
Concept 3A
Sandy beach would be a good amenity/draw but could present some prohibitive ongoing maintenance issues:
How often would sand need to be replenished/what kind of erosion control would be needed?
Does the Corps replenish Princeton Beach and would they help provide/replenish this beach?
Underwater areas between lateral dams are shallow and sandy  could this sand be pumped ashore?
Filling/improving low, wetland areas  at what point will mosquito control be achieved?
Concept 3B
Disk golf good idea and could be a popular draw for visitors
Dredging and slips south of 9th Street might not be cost-effective
Consider dredging out a U-shaped marina in between the northern and central lateral dams
Corps might be amenable to marking the lateral dams and new channel to access potential marina
Concept 3C
Dredged channel could be a good idea  historically, water flowed along this channel prior to the construction of 9th Street over to wastewater treatment; a small, poorly functioning culvert now regulates the flow
Concerns about how water would flow through channel and what maintenance dredging would be needed
 Consider dredging land between northern and central lateral dams and using fill to build up a beach on upland, eastern portion of Village parcel (adjacent to 2nd Street Right-of-Way)
o Could the lateral dams be extended to a new shoreline east of the current location?
Site 2  Downtown North
Site 2 was raised at the meeting by Bob VanHoerweghe. He asked the Board to further consider the potential of this site. He suggested that while there are acquisition costs involved, they could work out to be less than the costs to fill/dredge and improve Sites 1 and 3 to meet the quality of Site 2.
Site 2 could be considered for development of transient dockage (combined with Site 1), boat ramp, Village Hall, small retail, parking, restrooms
Summary Comments
Concerns about whether or not boat ramp development should be a priority; TIF district was established for park and recreation development
Recreation development opportunities for 12 to 18-year olds should be a priority
Spreading amenities to different locations around Village will better serve residents than concentrating them in one place  Consider developing both Sites 1 and 3 and take a mix-and-match approach to amenities
A boat ramp at 4th Avenue is the most practical in terms of parking and access
New Village Hall seen as most feasible if leasable office/retail space is included to help offset costs
Site 1 Summary
Expand on Concept 1B with both recreation only and Village Hall options
Develop park/picnic area without boat ramp
Include hardscaped steps to water
Include Village Hall building with leasable space
Site 3 Summary
 Focus development on northern Village-owned parcels with actively programmed park
Develop basketball court and skate park adjacent to one another
Keep 3rd Street parcels south of 9th Avenue available for potential future sale or development
Develop alternate concepts dredging out U-shaped marina between lateral dams and using fill to build up a larger beach on upland, eastern portion of Village parcel (adjacent to 2nd Street Right-of-Way)
Based on the community and Staff feedback from Workshop 2, the Lakota team will continue to refine development concepts for Sites 1 and 3. The Lakota team will present preliminary concepts to Village Staff and Army Corps and other regulatory officials before proceeding with final development concepts. A third community workshop will be held in January 2009 to present the final Waterfront Master Plan.


Riverdale Community School District 100 
Senior High School 
9624-256th Street North / Port Byron, Il 61275 
Phone: (309) 523-3181 
Junior High School 
9822-256th Street North / Port Byron, Il 61275 
Phone: (309) 523-3131 
Elementary School 
9424-256th Street North / Port Byron, Il 61275 
Phone: (309) 523-3186

Colleges offering higher learning Opportunites: 
Augustana College, 639-38th Street, Rock Island, Il (309) 794-7000 
Black Hawk College, 6600-34th Avenue, Moline, Il (309) 796-5000 
Quad Cities Graduate Study Center,  639-38th Street, Rock Island, Il (309) 794-7376 
Participating Illinois institutions are: Illinois State University, Western Illinois University, 
University of Illinois, St Xavier University and Northern Illinois University. Participating 
Iowa institutions are: Drake University, University of Northern Iowa, University of 
Iowa, St Ambrose University and Iowa State University. 
University of Illinois at Chicago College of Nursing Quad-Cities Regional Progam, 1515-5th 
Avenue, Suite 400, Moline. (309) 757-9467. 
Western Illinois University Quad-Cities, 3561-60th Street, Moline, Il (309) 762-9481 
Trinity College of Nursing and Health Sciences Schools, 2122-25th Avenue, Rock Island, Il 
(309) 779-7700.  Website:

Hamilton Technical College, 1011-E 53rd Street, Davenport,  Ia (563) 386-3570 
Palmer College of Chiropractic, 1000-Brady Streeet, Davenport, Ia (563) 884-5000 
St Ambrose University, 518- W Locust Street, Davenport, Ia (563) 333-6000 
Scott Community College, 500-Belmont Rd, Bettendorf, Ia (563) 441-4001 
Kaplan University, 1801-E Kimberly Rd, Davenport, Ia (563) 355-3500 

There are also other schools offering degrees and certification in various fields.


American Legion Post#1033                                                                                                                        

Meetings are held at 7:00PM on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at the Cordova Library, 
402-Main Avenue , Cordova, Illinois


Home Extension Service

Meetings are held at 1:00 PM on the 3rd Thursday of each month at the 
Cordova  Library, 402 Main Avenue ,  Cordova, Illinois


Cordova Boosters

Providing holiday entertainment for area children


How do I recycle my used materials?

Drop-off recycling facilities sponsored by the Rock Island county Waste Management Agency have been set up in various cities.  These facilities accept all plastics ( No 1-7 that are food containers-no rigid containers such as furniture or toys), tin and aluminum cans and green, 

brown and clear glass.  (Food and beverage containers only, no windows or dishes). 

Also, in a separate container, these facilities accept various paper products: corrugated board, boxboard (such as cereal or kleenex boxes), newspapers, magazines, mixed office paper, brown paper bags, books and phone books.

Rock Island: 16th Avenue & 24th Street (entrance on 16th Avenue) 
Moline: 3636-4th Avenue
East Moline: 1200 13th Avenue
Milan: 451-West 4th Street 

Appliances are accepted free by calling (877) 934-5378 to arrange curbside collection.  Accepted (up to 4 per year) are refrigerators, stoves, water heaters, freezers, air-conditioners, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, clothes dryers, dish washers, water coolers, microwaves, furnaces and boilers. 

Ewaste: Electronic waste such as televisions, VCR's, computer and business equipment can be taken to the Electronic Demanufacturing Facility operated by the Waste Commission of Scott County at 1048-E 59th Street, Davenport.  Because of a contract between Rock Island  and Scott counties, this is no charge to Rock Island County residents for this service. Hours are 7:30AM to 4:00PM Monday - Friday.  For more information call (563) 823-0119 or visit 

Batteries: Batteries also may be taken free to Batteries Plus Stores at 901- E Kimberly, Davenport (563) 388-0808 or 300 Avenue of the Cities, East Moline (309) 764-9555 or Interstate Battery of the Quad Cities at Rock Valley Shopping Center, 4704-44th Street, Rock Island. 

Tires: Call (877) 934-5378 (limit of 10 per year, per household, and tires must be off the rims). 

Household hazardous material: through an arrangement with Scott County, you may call (563) 381-1300 for an appointment, drop-off directions and acceptable items.  These include cleaners, solvents, stain, varnish, pesticides or automotive products.  This service is free. 

Used Motor Oil: There are several automotive businesses that will accept used oil. 
Mikes Auto Clinic, 660-17th Avenue, East Moline (309) 755-0575 
Auto Zone, 4161-23rd Avenue, Moline (309) 764-5500 
Peck Brother's Quick Lube, 5451-4th Avenue, Moline (309) 764-7581 
Chuck's Auto Service, 3030-5th Avenue, Rock Island (309) 788-6219 
George's Auto Service, 1518-4th Avenue, Rock Island (309) 788-0189 

Quad Cities Landfill Millennium Waste,13606 Knoxville Rd, Milan (309) 787-2303 
Hours: Monday-Friday 7AM-4PM and Saturday 8AM-Noon 

Upper Rock Island County Landfill, 17201-20th Avenue, East Moline (309) 496-2396 
Hours: Monday- Friday 7AM-4PM and Saturday 7AM-Noon.


Water & Sewer

Water Rates effective 05/30/12:
$16.50 (first 2.999 gallons min. usage)
$2.50 (per 1000 gallons after min. usage)

Sewer Rates effective 05/30/12:
$14.00 (first 2.999 gallons min. usage)
$1.25 (per 1000 gallons after min. usage)


cordovaAbout Cordova?
The Village of Cordova is a small, quaint community located just a few miles north of the Quad-Cities on the Illinois side of the Mississippi River.  Cordova maintains its warmth and charm even though we are just minutes away from such known places such as Exelon-Cordova Nuclear Power Plant and Cordova Dragway Park (drag strip), as well as several other surrounding businesses and manufacturing facilities.  Locals believe the Mississippi river is heading upstream to its headwaters in Minnesota.  This stretch includes Princeton Beach-possibly the premier river boating and recreation destination in the Bi-State area, which is located immediately adjacent to the Village of Cordova.  The Village invites you to come take a look at us and learn more.  You'll be glad you did!

What is the Quad Cities?
The Quad-Cities is the name given to our cluster of cities along the Mississippi River. Actually, there are five main cities-Davenport and Bettendorf in Iowa and Rock Island, Moline, East Moline in Illinois- but "quad" sticks as the name.

If you count contiguous communities there are many more- LeClaire, Eldgridge and Blue Grass in Iowa, and Milan, Coal Valley, Port Byron, Carbon Cliff, Hampton, Hillsdale, Rapids City, Andalusia, Silvis, Colona and Cordova in Illinois.

Elected Officials

Village President – Dean Moyer (309) 373-5585
Village Clerk – Christina Kelsey (309) 654-2646
Utility Clerk- Susan Naftzger (309) 654-2646
Treasurer - Connie Eckermann (309) 654-2646


Shannon Craigmiles (309) 738-1306
Alvin Barber (309) 737-0422
Patsy Fidlar (309) 654-2101
John Haan (309) 737-5510
Bill Somers (309) 737-7466
James Tazz Hines  (309)738-5527